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About the UCCC


Created in 2003 following the merger of the 2 former Councils associations, the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon (UCCC), brings together all the Cameroonian councils. It comprises groups of Councils by centre of interest like: the Association of Forest Councils, the Association of Mountain Councils, the Association of Littoral...


The UCCC has the ambition to emerge as an efficient organisation, which contributes to consolidating decentralisation and become an advisory organ of the institutional framework of decentralisation and local development.


Major Objectives:

Help reinforce decentralisation
Forge solidarity ties between councils and cities of Cameroon and establish continuous consultations for promoting local development and improving the living environment and conditions of the population
Create a forum for dialogue between councils and cities on the one hand, the State, development partners and all decentralisation stakeholders on the other hand
Establish solid and permanent relations between Cameroonian councils and cities and traditional institutions that are the custodians of Cameroon's heritage ad cultural wealth
Promote modern governance based on the participation of all active forces in the promotion of collective welfare.
Encourage a mutually beneficial partnership between local, regional, national, continental and global structures
Exchange information and experiences and modols so as to contribute to improving the management of local affairs and the working conditions of elected officials and council
Give its opinion on all draft documents on local government structures at the request of the competent authorities
The Association of Towns and Cities of the United Cameroon (UCCC) is an umbrella organization responsible for defending the interests of its members and promote them to the authorities and the public. To enable him to play this role and relay transmission belt between the state and municipalities and assist them to safeguard their prerogatives, it must above all act upstream problems, anticipate participating in focus groups or by sharing his views upon the draft of certain projects.

The UCCC is a single decentralised national association and a rallying force where all members have equal voice. It is structured as follows:

The organs

The General Assembly that comprises 360 mayors representing councils of Cameroon

  • The National Executive Bureau, made up of 17 members
  • 10 Regional Bureaus and 52 Divisional Bureaus
  • 10 Sectoral Technical Commissions for each of the 10 Regions and a President

The Permanent Secretariat:

The Permanent Secretariat, which is the management body is responsible for the implementation of the action plan, the formulation of strategies and the technical and administrate ve coordination of UCCC activities. It employs a team of national officials and technical assistants working on a daily basis to enable the UCCC to attain its objectives.