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Mayor  NUM Elias IHIMBRU

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Description of the Council area

Benakuma Council was created in 1993 by Decree No. 93/321 of 25 November 1993 relating to the creation of Urban and Rural Councils in Cameroon. Found in Menchum Valley Sub-Division, this is one of the councils in Menchum Division in the North-West Region of Cameroon. The council went operational in 1996 covering a surface area of 1 050 sq. km representing some 20% of the total surface area of Menchum Division. According to the 2005 General Population and Housing Census, the population of Benakuma Council stands at 50 384 with a population density of 48 persons per square Km and a growth rate of 3% per year.

This population is widely dispersed in the valley owing, in part, to difficult terrain and also owing to the fact that several fast flowing rivers dissect the council in several places. Benakuma Council is made up of two main clans: Essimbi and Beba-Befang clans. Fulanis constitute an important ethnic group in the council and are dispersed on the hills where pastures are available. There are for the most part herds men who originated from the Adamawa plateaus and recently inhabited the area.

Benakuma municipality corresponds to the Menchum Valley Subdivision. The subdivision is located between latitude 6°10’ and 6° 31’ North of the equator and between longitude 9°10’ and longitude 10°20’ East of Greenwich. The council has borders to the north with Wum Central Subdivision, to the East with Bafut Subdivision, to the South-West with Akwaya Subdivision in the South West region of Cameroon, to the South with Njikwa Council and to the West with the Republic of Nigeria.